Inspired by Experience

“Hattha” an ancient Thai word for “Hands” together combined with Spa as the “Hattha Spa” means professional healthy massage counseling and providing relaxation as you deserve.

The Hattha Spa is ready to welcome you by experienced gentle therapists with their warm hands to plus in you the positive energy.  The miracle of relaxing treatments on physically and mentally experiences waiting for you to discover at the Hattha Spa.


手工水疗(Hattha Spa)用温暖、甜蜜和柔软的双手欢迎您,我们拥有一支经验丰富的专业团队,我们保证您在这里能充分感受到身心放松和幸福,每一次体验我们手工水疗的服务就犹如给您自己补充能量一样。


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